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  1. Hm, for me the only time frames get extremely bad/ unsuitable is when using ASN and flying close/near large chunks of storms. and the cb clouds form. That's when the aircraft starts to climb/turn rapidly. (Especially during cruise), however any other time it works great, even at big airports. It's weird, it seems as if you fly anywhere close where a scenery/wx turns demanding the airbus loses a lot of frames. However, I'll try adding these fixes and see what happens. I'll also decrease some of my settings in ASN and or repair FSX (which I've already done). Another thing that I found strange is that the A320/21 never shook when literally FLYING through a big storm and it seemed to fly through it without climbing/turning rapidly (just turbulence effects), which makes me believe even more that ASN has something to do with this... (or a setting was removed from the AXE to prevent this).
  2. Thank you friend , needed this to fly for my VA haha
  3. I don't understand how to install. So I just uninstalled the AXE, do I need to reinstall it or can I just download a paint and replace the files?
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