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  1. A big thank you Winfried. Yes EHAM must be an tremendous job. Take your time. B.R., Arthur
  2. Wish the complete Aerosoft team & Staff the best wishes for 2019. Thanks for your endless patience to keep up this forum and answer all the questions. I was wondering if there are any plans for an update for EHAM - Xplane 11. In my opinion X-plane is getting more serious as an "competitor" for P3D and I'm using it more often then before. Best regards, Arthur
  3. I was wondering how the relation/communication is between Dovetail (FSW) and Aerosoft at this moment. I remembered that Mathijs wrote somewhere that Dovetail visit Aerosoft once with a delegation. But after that? In my opinion FSW gets some more potentional. Just curious ...
  4. Interesting Winfried, Any chance that Aerosoft will develop aircraft add-ons? I hope some day Aerosoft will develop their Airbusses for Xplane. Much add-ons for X-plane have glitches and are not comparable to Aerosofts add-ons for FSX/P3d. //Arthur
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