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  1. I doubt it, air was rather dry and temperature round 19 deg
  2. Hi, yesterday I had my engine failed on taxi, prop stop spinning. Must be a pilot error but what did I do wrong? the cowl flaps were open en CHT was still acceptable can someone give me tips on this to prevent it from happening in the future yves lefèvre
  3. Hi I have just bought corfu X and today i tried a flight from Lgav (aerosoft) to lgkr when I landed the scenery looks awful, busses were driving buried half way into the ground,there was grass in middle of taxiway bravo. I didn't activate with aerosoft launcher could it be related? I have no add-ons for corfu installed so this is not the reason. I have only addons from aerosoft (lgav lgkr,lgsr,lgko) Help me pls this bug reminds me the famous lukla bug Yves lefevre
  4. With a config like he has, it is Vista 64-Bits without any doubt. Learn to judge an OS based on your own experience and not based on the rumors you have heard on other forums.Vista is as good as XP now period(it was not the case on year ago but now the gap is closed). FSX works very well under Vista-64. Don't put a 32 bits OS when you have 4gb of RAM yves
  5. I have Mega Airport X Brussels & heathrow 2008 for FSX.I didn't see it mentionned in the Brussels documentation. AES is only compatible for FS2004 :cry: yves
  6. Hi, I noticed that the ctrl-j for moving the jetways doesn't work on those airports.It is a pity for such beautiful sceneries.It was working perfectly with the default sceneries What can I do about it? Yves
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