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  1. Rhodes LGRP Chania LGSA Calgary CYYC Beijing Capital ZBAA New Delhi VIDP Mumbai VABB Shannon EINN Malta LMML Tel Aviv (updated) LLBG Kiev Boryspil UKBB Perth YPPH Auckland NZAA Cape town FACT Johannesburg FAOR Atlanta KATL
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    File Size: 36.02MB . hosted at : http://www.lockonfiles.com/files/file/2683-aerosoft-twinotter-extended-british-airways-3b-p/ 2 sets of skins, one "Normal" without mipmaps and one "x4096" with mipmaps, mipmaps are better for zooming but in some GPU end up blurring the skin each set contains 1 skin for the 3 Blades Passenger version paste the Aerosoft_DHC6_300_WHEEL in the Airplanes folder, found in the SimObjects folder Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\SimObjects\Airplanes
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