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    Taxiing to stand at the newly released Bergen scenery. Looks amazing. Great job by AS and Jo Erlend
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    ICAO: SLVR Name: Santa Cruz Viru Viru Intl. Airport, Bolivia Type: Payware FS: FS9/FSX/P3D Designer: LatinVFR Link: AES 2.36
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    Hey, FSX Aerosoft Airbus X Extended v1.16 , A321 CFM Alitalia " I-BXI ". FSIADT Palermo Punta Raisi 2014 (LICJ) freeware JetStream Designs Marseille Provence LFML_X 2013 (LFML) FSDT GSX Ground Services Flight1 Ultimate Traffic 2 Radar Contact 4.3 ( ATC realistic software) Rex Essential Hifi Active Sky Next 2014.
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    ICAO: PGUM NAME: Guam Won Prat TYPE: Freeware (payware quality) FS: FSX DESIGNER: Morten Van Der Linden (v4) LINK:
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    ICAO RPLL NAME Ninoy Aquino International Airport TYPE Payware FS FSX DESIGNER Pacific Islands Simulation !!!FINALLY RELEASED!!! LINK: ...Such a stunning paradise and a good destination for a T7 ;-)...! AES 2.36
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