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    I am note sure what preceded this comment but it has me very concerned... What happened here? To think of FS without AES is a very scary thought. I bought the UK2000 update and it is patiently sitting on my HD until a time that Oliver has the cycles to get around to it. In fact it has become commonplace to buy scenery and then "park it" until it is AES compatible. BUT I always understand there is a tremendous amount of work that goes into AES'ing a scenery and that like everything else in life I need to be patient... I also don't expect a major upgrade to come for free, I don't know why so many people think they are "entitled" to things for free! Hey I have to pay almost $200 everytime Acura updates the SatNav or GPS Database in my car that I already spent $45,000 on!!! If $45,000 doesn't get me a free upgrade a few dollars for AES credits DEFINITELY doesn't entitle me to a free update!!! I really hope that Oliver re-thinks his break from AES, it is incredibly disheartening to think of FS without Oliver and AES... Whoever posted the info that sparked all of this should not only be banned they should be flogged with a wet stick!!! Don't leave us Oliver, you have a ton of followers who would be devastated to see you go... Not just because of AES either but all your work on AMS and all the other answers and help you have provided over the years! So this is my official Thank You Oliver, from just one of your many supporters... -Paul
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    If someone follows your guidance they will end up with a NON-FUNCTIONING simulator. Now if you are so clever, YOU tell US why, and how to fix it...? And if not, bugger off, you're no use as a modifier. And a danger to your fellow simmer. I'm getting right sick of these cretinous clones repeating others duff advice. Anyone else think it's time for a lynching?

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