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I use the CRJ in prepar 3dv4

We try to use the FMS to prepare a flight ex: (lfpg-lflb) .

I use the flight planer of prepar 3D for genrate the route ..when is done some waypoint (a lot) are not availaible in the fms database.

May be i do something wrong, could you help me please.

Thank for the reply


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Well that is because the default database in the sim is totally outdated (and has a surprising amount of errors). As the CRJ has its own up to date nav database you will see these issues. You will need to use a flight planner that uses the same database as the aircraft (or at least something close).


There are many but most people like https://www.simbrief.com/home/ a lot.

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That means the flight plan is not in the correct format. Have you tried inserting the flightplan manually like real pilots do?

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16 hours ago, xpsimulation@gmail.com said:

Thank's for the reply,


I do that, but when i load the flight plan into the fms i receive a error message

(index-route menu-pilot route list) the message is (load error).





FSX and P3D Flightplanner uses very old NavData (I believe it's from 2004), thus it will often not match later AIRAC data where VOR and Waypoints have changed.  This is why you're getting the errors, because the FMS can only load what is in the AIRAC.


Best to use SimBrief for creating flightplans, but when doing so you'll need to ensure you select and unlock the AIRAC for the one you are using in the aircraft, otherwise you may get another error.


If you've done the above and you're still getting an error, then I recommend re-downloading and reinstalling the aircraft.  You shouldn't have to uninstall, simply go to the SimObjects/Aircraft folder and delete both CRJ folders, then disable your computer security, run the installer "As Admin", update the AIRAC (if you're doing that), reboot, and then generate a new flight plan using SimBrief and try to load it.


Best wishes.



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