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  1. I found something strange that I don't found IAE V2532 in their website and V2527M V2524 V2522 are the only models suitable for A319. Am I got something wrong?
  2. Track and NOTAM´s not working

    The VA server still malfunction now
  3. All windows should be open before take off I guess? Haha
  4. so will there a option let us to select on/off callouts?
  5. U guys making A330-343X, MTOW 235t version?
  6. A330 do not equipped with that function
  7. QW 787 profile
  8. Is there anything Airbus require Aerosoft to do with? eg: provide some technical documents for you?
  9. As Pro series will support P3Dv4 only will all "Pro" buses support VC rain effect in the coming P3Dv4.1?
  10. trip wind calculate error same using win10