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  1. U guys making A330-343X, MTOW 235t version?
  2. A330 do not equipped with that function
  3. QW 787 profile
  4. Is there anything Airbus require Aerosoft to do with? eg: provide some technical documents for you?
  5. As Pro series will support P3Dv4 only will all "Pro" buses support VC rain effect in the coming P3Dv4.1?
  6. trip wind calculate error same using win10
  7. Trip wind also a problem since 1.28.9c
  8. no, they don't have enough data to make it
  9. And I saw the title is A318/A319/A320/A321/A33
  10. I saw some A321s have aux fuel tank in order to extend range. How I can edit my A320/321 to make larger fuel tank capacity in cfg file?