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  1. amm693


    you may add your airline code and name in setting section
  2. and those will be transferred to Cathay Dragon or return to leaser within 5 years
  3. Stefan, can you update this tutorial for 320/321?
  4. amm693

    Repaint requests

    Request new Cathay Dragon (also old Dragonair), Hong Kong Airlines and HKExpress livery
  5. Hi, how to change seat seat config of buses? As some files changed, I can't apply the same technique as the previous product like in here
  6. How to edit it by ourselves?
  7. amm693

    Any new preview post?

    another week passed?
  8. Any new preview post for A320/321/333?
  9. When will this post be unlocked?
  10. Most developers will not tell you due to NDA lifted
  11. amm693

    Track and NOTAM´s not working

    The VA server still malfunction now
  12. All windows should be open before take off I guess? Haha
  13. so will there a option let us to select on/off callouts?
  14. U guys making A330-343X, MTOW 235t version?
  15. A330 do not equipped with that function