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  1. Amazing, but I noticed something, on the 9th to last picture, on the ND, there is three lines, the one the plane is tracking but then two parallel lines going E -> W. Is that a bug or is that part of a Instrument Approach?
  2. Almost Complete at that date? well well well, this is exciting!
  3. In that case.... So how bout that CRJ.... *Ba Dum Tss
  4. I second this comment. I mean, usually there are bugs in products no matter what (like said before can't remember exactly, not even the real thing is perfect, far from it!). Like the FSLabs A320 once it releases will probably have bugs. I think its just how it is, to be honest. What this gentleman said is pretty spot on, people are getting tired of seeing the months go by. Obviously it's not our choice on this, but the production managers (Mathijs), all we can do (as a community) is give recommendations. I do appreciate all the work y'all have done though (I think we all do). =) Hello from the USA btw!
  5. I was wondering because Mathijs was saying a REV was gonna release tomorrow. "We expect a new build tomorrow and we do not see this as sad at all." I think where I see the confusion. I didn't mean the release of the aircraft. I meant the release of the new build.
  6. Did the build ever drop? Or is it getting released tomorrow?
  7. One Question (Could find an answer), Will the installer be combined with FSX, FSX:SE, and P3Dv2.+, P3Dv3? Or Seperate?
  8. your girlfriend gies you $20 a week? Who are you dating? I need someone like that..
  9. Or 30 days til release? Spooky...
  10. Why does everyone get so butthurt when someone asks for a release date, I get it they don't know. But I don't think you guys should go and insult people and get angry, we get it they don't know. I think mods or admins should just delete the posts like he said.
  11. All these previews... must be getting close.
  12. My god... It's amazing to think, that this piece of gold will be on my sim sometime soon...
  13. They said its 99% or 98.5% complete, or something close to that a few pages back. Read what Mathijs said in the last page.. its not gonna be long.
  14. He even did the default CRJ repaint! (Its a joke, please laugh, im not very funny)
  15. mmmmm, makes my mouth water. Excellent job everyone, I hope its soon now!