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  1. conductor79

    proatcx compatibility

    I try it but I need some more info... in the cdu, where I put the flightplane? I try to export it in proatcx (as all export format) and renamed it in corte stile (ex: EGPHEHAM01) but I dont recive all route point. once ticked Aerosoft Airbus when I launch... what should I do in the cdu to load the file create with proatcx?
  2. conductor79

    proatcx compatibility

    Thank you so much
  3. Hello, I'd like to import into the cdu the flightplan from proatcx, is there anyone who can give me some advice on converting the file? Does it make sense to align the aircraft in option / folder-paths / Aerosoft-airbus-x-extended?
  4. conductor79

    MCDU strange at IPAD- black screen

    Hello, I'm in trouble with mcdu on Ipad... I haven't "documents/Aerosoft/Aerosoft A318-A319 Professional/Data make sure that the flag HTML_Interface is set to 1 (mine was at 0 by default)" Could you please indicate me in which file I do change it?
  5. conductor79

    configurator detected as a virus

    thank you so much!
  6. conductor79

    configurator detected as a virus

    No, in the simulator is all fine. Airbus too, work perfectly and I dont see any difference. Other Configurator the airbus updater is missing... the only things I did before noticing the virus were to shut down and restart the antivirus and the firewall several times (since I could not connect the mcdu on the Ipad). I also tried to install the air-display to test the connection with the tablet and that's it. Could you advise me where to look on the pc? maybe there is a register that marks all the events, I do not know ..
  7. good evening,while trying to understand how to connect the mcdu on my tablet, something strange happened to my airbus .. I have not found the A3xx configurator, disappeared both in start, both in documents and in c: program ... I reinstalled everything and at the end told me that a3xxconfigurato.exe is a virus. I tried to uninstall and reinstall several times, without antivirus and firewall, but nothing, always the usual result. I noticed that the update has also disappeared. Looking on the internet, before write you, I found this page that seems to be today is it a know problem or is it an isolated case? what can I do? use win 10 pro (64), windows firewall and antivirus Niccolò
  8. conductor79

    MCDU on iPad

    Good morning. I tried to connect my ipad using the correct ip but my safari load an turned off mcdu. The strange thing is that if I use the ip in edge, on the same pc, it connect perfectly. This system support other connection as Bluetooth or...? Obviously I red the connection procedure on vol 1 my best Niccolò
  9. no, I have p3dv4 64 bit. I just added it with livery manager end that's all.
  10. Just an information... this Eurowings is totally designed for Airbus p3dv4? I tried it but in my pc the aircraft appear darker then the other and the vc panel is decidedly black.
  11. conductor79

    Your best Screenshot

    My first flight (LIMC - EHAM)
  12. conductor79

    Repaint requests

    Please.... A319 Alitalia (it would be wonderful to have A318 too, even if it does not exist) A319 easyjet new livery
  13. conductor79

    Issue with LIMC

    All right!!! Now it works fine! Thanks
  14. conductor79

    Issue with LIMC

    Me too, I have the same problem, but only with the last update. I have other sode airports but for LIMC for me is better with Ctrl-J. I tried to reinstal with all the options but unfortunatelly Always the same problem.