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  1. What's the consensus about the pilot/FO voice packages? Will you guys be willing to support an infrastructure for people to share voicepacks of various accents? I tried looking around and I could only find a handful of people sharing voicepacks of various accents. So far, French, British, German, Italian, and US seem to be the only options with User packs being an option. It would be nice if we could "install" more like Russian, Spanish, Dutch, Mandarin, Australian, etc. Anyone else have any input?
  2. If I wanted what's best for me, I'd be doing a master's degree and getting an instrument rating, not playing video games and eating steak every night.
  3. Will it be legal to fly the Airbus's in RVSM airspace? Does the FA serve coffee with cream or is it always gonna be black?
  4. Will the new busses include a guide to ergonomic seat positioning to prevent workplace muscoskeletal disorders caused by poor posture? EDIT: Jeez, where'd the sense of humor in this thread go?
  5. You can't just tease us like that. What's the other criteria?!?!?!?!
  6. How transferable will the liveries be? Or will livery artists have to redevelop all their work?
  7. Can we get an improved flight attendant? I prefer a 'non-sterile' cockpit, if y'know what I mean. ;))))
  8. Will the clock be improved? It feels more like a chinese Swatch knock-off, I need atomic clock precision when I'm flying. /s
  9. You run the sim on full screen?! You sir are a dying breed, I have it in windowed because I need to have my browser open for charts and such. EDIT: Not to mention that, although flying is fun, I can't stand sitting in a simulator cockpit for hours on end with nothing happening.
  10. Dude was just sharing his favorite photo of an A330, why you gotta have no chill on him fam?
  11. To further make the point, 2018 model year cars have already been released on the market, and it's barely September.
  12. MCDU PERF APPR page

    Neat! How much of a change does the temperature impart on the descent profile though? I tried 50 and -50 and barely noticed any difference.
  13. This isn't a support question, but more of a curiosity thing. What exactly does entering the QNH, temperature, and winds in the MCDU PERF APPR page do? I never notice it doing anything, and I've tried upper and lower bounds just to see what would happen to the Vapp speed (if at all), and nothing happens. I tried going through the manuals to see what it does, but there's nothing there that talks about WHY we do it. Is it just to force the pilots to brief themselves on the arrival, and contribute nothing to the functionality of the approach?
  14. Any chance we can get an update on the ramp crew's voice for the pushback? This guy sounds like he hates his job. EDIT: Nevermind, I just realized that it's probably a realistic representation of rampies
  15. No one ever complained about a runway being too bright