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  1. santipp

    Bus Texture Resolution?

    Hello there!
  2. santipp

    Repaint requests

    Can you post the link please?
  3. santipp

    How to config reverse thrust with FSUIPC

    Well thanks! Will ask there.
  4. title says everything (Using CH Products Throttle quadrant)
  5. santipp

    Your best Screenshot

    Yes! Thanks for the recommendation!
  6. santipp

    Your best Screenshot

    Using the preset! @Oracle
  7. santipp

    CFM Engines

    getting this too!
  8. santipp

    Split second warning sound

    Happening here too! No ecam message nor warning red light though
  9. santipp

    Your best Screenshot

    Found it!
  10. santipp

    Your best Screenshot

    Nice Pics! What are you using? HDR? PTA? Tomato?
  11. if that doesn't work, try checking the FLTSIM.X order in your Aircraft.cfg
  12. Do this, go to a new default repaint provided by aerosoft (could be the Lufthansa satcom one), copy the first .dds file (AIRBUSX_VC_PREPARV4_MAINPANEL_C) and paste it in the Iberia repaint folder Now, Delete this two files from the iberia folder AIRBUSX_V2_VC_MAINPANEL_C AIRBUSX_V2_VC_MAINPANEL_L Try that and let us know. @azkid
  13. Posting this here because i think is related to the Autopilot Well, Cruising at FL300, the speed indicator on the FCU and PFD changes from SPEED to MACH and viceversa.. Here's a gif that barely shows it but it is still visible ;/ Thanks
  14. santipp


    Is Icing simulated? or is on the plans?