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  1. Would this high-quality addon be the PMDG 737NGX? Just by the look of the picture I can tell it is but I have never come across this problem while flying it? I guess I'm lucky?
  2. There is no definite answer on how far in they are. You would need @Mathijs Kok to answer that. But people do think that the aircraft is coming out soon. I have quoted 2 posts here about it but I will link the whole page too.
  3. CaneAE

    Discussion on Real World A320 Operations

    In hot temperatures (>30 degrees C) it's sop to park in config 1+f, to avoid the wings getting too hot and triggering a spurious (bleed) air leak fault. Quite often you find the fuellers won't touch the aircraft until the flaps are up, in case they contact the flaps with their bowser and get sent the bill. To be fair to them there's not a lot of room under there.
  4. Why does everyone have to downvote a simple question on a post? @Mathijs Kok
  5. Is there a manual that we could read? @Mathijs Kok
  6. @Mathijs Kok Any updates on the A319/A319 Professional? I think most people here will greatly appreciate it if you could inform us on any updates today, since there wasn't an update on Tuesday. Maybe tell us a percentage on completion? What the dev team are working on now? How many bugs are left to be fixed? Things like that Also are you able to tell us what liveries are going to be included in the base A318/A319 Professional release? Thanks Cane
  7. Yeah I would suggest you either do the stream later or enable the archive broadcast feature on twitch Here is a picture of where it is To set this up, open Twitch and go to Settings > Channel & Videos. Under Channel Settings, check the box next to Archive Broadcasts. Your welcome. Cane
  8. I am happy to see that everyone has agreed on a release date. @Mathijs Kok is there anything you can tell us about why this is removed in v1.0 like what bug(s) caused this? thanks Cane
  9. Do you know how far done you are with the first planes (A318/A319) in a %, Mathijs?
  10. I think this new way of using the FMC is good, because when I was flying shared cockpit with my friend in FSX it didn't feel that realistic with only one fully functional FMC. At least now we have 2 FMC that we can use for inputting a route and stuff like that. Thank you for adding that, now it will feel more realistic when flying.
  11. Let me clarify Question 1, will Connected Flight Deck be in the first service pack for the aircraft, or will it come with the base plane?
  12. I have 2 questions: 1. Will Connected Flight Deck be in the release of the A318/19? 2. Will the CFD act different because I remember seeing a picture of the Aerosoft Airbus where it had some text saying ‘create a channel’ and ‘join a channel’ or something like that?
  13. There is a video on YouTube of the Aerosoft A330. I will link it here <<