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  1. Strange, I've never experienced such an issue though it's happened for my friend (the PM in this situation) many times.
  2. Yeah I posted about this the other day, the day after we did another flight and didn't have that though the PM's sim did end up crash which we weren't sure was connected to CFD so we didn't report it. Was the power loss for the PM too? If so, that's identical to the issue we had.. Nothing we did lead to the issue since we were both just watching the sim when it occurred.
  3. A lot better than Monday but still some issues (as expected). The APU didn't sync requiring both pilots to turn it on from their end. The IRS align didn't sync requiring both pilots to align them via the MCDU INIT page. The PF was able to tune my radios (and vice versa) however the on/off state of the radio panel didn't sync, so even though vPilot recognised the radios as being tuned the radios weren't actually on and required both of us to turn them on. The fuel and payload didn't sync (we didn't realise this until a few minutes after takeoff , RIP). The GND CTRL
  4. Managed to fix the issue by restarting the sim a couple times, but we're unable to tune the radios, set the parking brake or really have anything sync. Very unfortunate but I understand it is still a very early beta so we will try again in the coming days/weeks.
  5. I'm not entirely sure what 'confirmation' I'm supposed to receive but whenever I select 'CREATE SESSION' nothing happens. Both the Session ID & Password stays the default. I can confirm that I'm on
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