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  1. That's the point, i've only the A330 this is why i don't have the CFG inside the Documents. I have putted your attached CFG, and now works well. Tank's a lot for your time, i really appreciate it. For every other think or test i'm at your disposal
  2. Something going wrong, i've only a part of your file, during a installation where you have put the direcotry installation? @peteb101 This is mine
  3. ok @DaveCT2003 I've put manually the cfd.cfg whit the data of friend @peteb101 and now it's work for me, ill try also whit my collegue. But the problem at the base still remain, after you guide to download the exe whitout antivirus and following the unistall procedures the problem was still there... i think that the exe from the website is incomplete after the uploading in version. All the people whit the old one has no problem, but people like me how bought the product at v has this problem
  4. Hi Dave, downloaded from the AEROSOFT official site. Can you please post a pictures of your Documents/Aerosoft and also the cfd.cfg i'll try this way? tank's
  5. The tiket it's already sended, i hope to solve the problem, tank's Dave to have spent a time for me. Have good day.
  6. I think this problem is strange on two different computers, also another colleague has just installed it and has the same problem, all the exe have been downloaded from the site after the purchase. Entering on some exe documents such as CONNECT PRO, it does not find some files, it is possible that the 330 exe directly from the site is corrupt, I downloaded it every time I tried the uninstallation. I'm really confused.
  7. The problem is sir that i can't find it, there's only the CFD.log 09-05-2020 23-32-25: CFD start thread 1 09-05-2020 23-36-48: CFD debug level: 1 09-05-2020 23-37-10: CFD debug level: 1 09-05-2020 23-37-31: CFD debug level: 1 09-05-2020 23-38-04: CFD debug level: 1
  8. I've follow all the guide, whit all steps No update found in RED in AS UPDATER; Product Name: Aerosoft A330 Professional for Prepar3D v4.x Add-on Path: C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Aerosoft A330 Professional Installed version: No updates available for this product! In Microsoft .NET Framework Repair Tool no errors found. I've also installed the product in an other PC whit p3d clean, but the problem still appears. Some error in router? i need to open a router's port? The folder installation is correct? Tanks a lot for your help sir i really appreciate it.
  9. Airbus a330 all version of it, product version The aircraft is installed in the main folder of P3D V 4.5 in a folder named "Aerosoft A330 Professional". All the other files in USER/DOCUMENTS
  10. Good evening to all, I've the same problem whit the A330, the CFD still not work, NOT CONNECTED appers at the bottom. Previus version no problem at all, only the brake system fixed in the new verion that i've installed, but in verion nothing works. Someone can help me please? PS: io don't have the .cfg file, only the LOG file whit a lot of this: 09-05-2020 20-37-28: CFD start thread 1 09-05-2020 20-41-42: CFD debug level: 1 09-05-2020 20-43-06: CFD debug level: 1 09-05-2020 20-49-44: CFD debug level: 1 09-05-2020 20-50-05: CFD debug level: 1 09-05-2020 20-56-07: CFD start thread 1 09-05-2020 20-59-21: CFD debug level: 1 09-05-2020 20-59-43: CFD debug level: 1 Tank's, Greating Teta Nicolò
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