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  1. Could someone lock this thread please? thanks
  2. Wow, that worked thanks! I didn't realise that setting was there when I setup the configurator, now my sim runs at 40-45fps! Amazing!
  3. the problem for me was ezdok
  4. I know this has been said a million times, but my FPS is very low. In PMDG's 737 NGX I usually get between 25-35fps in the VC, but in the Bus I get 15-22fps in the VC. I just can't get the game to run at a good fps. PC Specs: Intel i5-6600k 8GB DDR3 Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 6GB Can I also say that task manager is reporting that my CPU is at 100% in the bus, while it isnt in the PMDG 737.
  5. @DaveCT2003 @Mathijs Kok This error showed when I opened the file in acrobat reader. I think Vol9 needs to be checked and/or put in an update to fix this issue. Thanks Cane
  6. Problem fixed, thanks dave. Can this be locked now please?
  7. BUG | Airbus Professional and EzDok. Hello, I have had this problem with the Airbus for a bit now, an issue that I have now decided to dive head first into and find out why it is happening. The YouTube link below will lead you to a video that I show the Airbus being unable to turn while EzDok v2 is open and working. This issue is only present on the Airbus Professional and no other product. You can see that the Pedal Disc button is pressed as I have a seperate axis for the tiller, and that I am not using the rudder axis to steer the aircraft. When I go into Task Manager and end the EzDok v2 task, I can steer perfectly fine and no issues are shown. I do not know what causes this, but it is really annoying as EzDok is a good addon for custom cameras and movements that simulate the pilot flying a plane, such as a bounce of the head on landing, depening on the hardness of the landing this can be very realisitic and can show visually how your landing was in the eyes of the pilot. I am thinking of getting ChasePlane soon but I don't want the same issue to happen with Chaseplane, and I don't want other EzDok users to experience this and not know whats happening. Thanks for reading, Cane When I report bugs on the forum, I color code them on how I think the severity of the bug is. This is always listed at the top in bold and underlined text. BUG = Not severe. BUG = A bit severe. BUG = Severe. BUG = Very severe.
  8. When loading Volume 9 on the aerosoft documents,it says that it cant load it correctly. This happens on all the browsers.
  9. Hello, I have been flying the airbus for a bit now. I done a flight yesterday and the plane turned normally when I moved the rudder, but now when i try and turn, the aircraft barely turns left and right. It was working yesterday and I havent changed anything to make this happen.
  10. This problem randomly happens while the engines are off at a gate. You can hear it on nearly every video and stream on the internet.
  11. I have put the information from the latest P3D crash in the spoiler below to save space and to keep this short. I have also reinstalled it like you said.
  12. I have had this sort of crash three times now. The first time it happened I was setting up my flight in the MCDU (Inputting the route) at the stand with the external power and batteries on only. The second time was while using the automated checklist feature in the MCDU (I was not setting up the flight) and I had FlyChrono enabled. Please note that I did not use FlyChrono the first time it happened. The third time I was setting up my flight (Inputting the route) with FlyChrono enabled. I have not taken a picture of it because I just Alt-F4 after it happens but the message is like this picture. (Found the picture online) NOTE TO MEMBER, for computer security reasons, the staff here will not click on external links such as the one you provided, and we remove such links when we see them. These crashes have started only after I installed the A318/A319. I will also record my next flight to see if it crashes again. If it does I will post it on YouTube and attach the link below. If it crashes again, the link will be put over this text.
  13. In hot temperatures (>30 degrees C) it's sop to park in config 1+f, to avoid the wings getting too hot and triggering a spurious (bleed) air leak fault. Quite often you find the fuellers won't touch the aircraft until the flaps are up, in case they contact the flaps with their bowser and get sent the bill. To be fair to them there's not a lot of room under there.
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