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  1. Okay so after a second reinstall and redirecting the scenery to a different directory it worked. However, dynamic lighting is still not working very well. I was wondering if shader programs such as envshade are prone to messing things up as I’m using that at the minute.
  2. Hey, i installed them in a separate folder that I have for my P3D scenery. It’s on the same drive as my sim but nowhere near the documents or sim folder
  3. Hi all, Ive come across a rather odd issue with various Mega airports in V5. When I enter the config it asks me to register the scenery, I do so but when i laod into the same it removes all buildings and taxiway textures! If i deregister the scenery then everyhting turns up again. The only prblem is, since the scenery is technically degregistered, I dont have any dynamic lgihts at any of these airports making the ground at night look rubbish. Ive tried reinstalling EGLL and EDDF three times now but no difference. Thanks for the help in advance
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