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  1. Same as Yuazhkiy describes: If I select 0 passengers and 0 payload in CRJ manager (whence more or less empty plane) and send it to the game, in the game I still have number of 72 passengers in DAVE and 72x84=6048 kg added to the weight. Fuel and cargo are transferred correctly. EDIT: Only fuel is transferred correctly. Cargo (in DAVE) is always 802KGs.
  2. Hi all, after 1.0.3 update I noticed a strange behavior (both 700-900 variants). I have uninstalled and installed a clean copy of CRJ. The CRJ manager seems to be sending only Trip Fuel / Total Cargo to CRJ. I fully confingure A/C in CRJ manager and then the sednd the info into FSX. If I try to check the info in DAVE, I always get PAX number equal to 72 (900 variant) or 36 (700 variant). Also ZFW corresponds to these numbers (both in DAVE and in default FSX loadout). Trip Fuel / Total Cargo are correct and correspond to the CRJ manager. Of course I can dial down PAX number in DAVE, but this kind of makes CRJ manager useless. One more interesting thing - the CG% and Trim settings displayed in DAVE payload page (even after more or less choosing PAX number to get the same ZFW) are way off from the CRJ manager display (say 4.9 vs. 6.2) With kind regards, Jan
  3. PMDG 777 300 ER UPDATE

    This is not true. I updated from 8414 to 8443 via the PMDG manager. What you are describing happened (several times) recently, apparently because PMDG had to change the installer program.
  4. PMDG 777 300 ER UPDATE

    Why don't you just use the PDMG manager to install this update?
  5. PMDG 777 300 ER UPDATE

    Haha - it turns out it is just a typo - the files are the newest version: 1.10.8414 Cheers, K.V.
  6. PMDG 777 300 ER UPDATE

    All of them?
  7. Performance drop w/1.0.1

    Of course it is some funny combination of my machine and CRJ which causes problem here. I just wanted to emphasize that previous version worked well and I see no problems anywhere else with my sim. It thus must be caused by some change in CRJ when updated from -> I flew with a day before the update, no changes in my system whatsoever. With kind regards, K.V.
  8. Performance drop w/1.0.1

    I forgot to say that its FSX: SE. Cheers, K.V.
  9. Performance drop w/1.0.1

    I have to confirm the unpleasant news. My fps went significantly down after -> I think it is important to emphasize that previous version flew like a charm! It is now almost unflyable during take-off or approach. No big jumps, just a very very low fps (10 at most, very nauseaous). Flying with completely normal (30+) fps with any other high-end addon aircraft (PMDG's, Aerosoft buses, Majestic Q400). I did a clean install of CRJ. Newest drivers, newest libraries etc. - certainly not a problem on this side. My PC specs: Intel i5-4670, 16GB RAM, MSI Radeon R9-270X 2GB, FSX and system installed on SSD's. I am using some standard addons (ASN, ORBX, UT2, Rex4), unfortunately I have no time to test everything without these addons. With kind regards, Klaudius Vysouš
  10. Hi guys, today quite funny thing happened to me - opening the thrust reversers (via F2 key) at the same time activated (at least visually) the air bleed cart, stowing the TR made it disappear again. I could repeat this indefinitely. Is it key related? At the moment I did not attempt to test it by mouse click and I was not able to reproduce the error. I have a FSX:SE version. Best, Jan
  11. I was not able to find it on this forum, sorry for reporting the already reported problem Best, Jan
  12. There is one funny issue with my CR9 - the tuning knob for ADF2 reacts incorrectly to the mousewheel - both directions of turning decrease the frequency... Nothing serious, though. Funny bird to fly (trying not to fall out of the sky - I am autothrottle slave with dust on my throttle levers :))
  13. Hello, I am partly asking the question to find out whether I understand everything correctly. I observed the problem with A319. I use the advanced version of Airbus Fuel Planner to calculate the numbers (ZFW, Fuel, etc.), and in particular the CG and TOF Pitch Trim. And this last thing baffles me - Fuel Planner gives me CG (lets say 26) and Pitch Trim (lets say 0.4UP). On the other hand, I always thought that the CG vs. Pitch Trim should correspond to each other as marked next to the trim wheel (see picture bellow). But this (as you can see) is very different from the values given by the Fuel Planner - for example to CG 26 there is cca 1.2UP Pitch Trim. My question is - do I understand the logic of Airbus Trim wheel markings correctly? Are there other factors affecting the relation CG ~ Pitch Trim which are taken correctly into account by Fuel Planner? Thanks, with kind regards, Klaudius Vysous