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  1. Hallo, I installed the new A330 professional version and I got also the new Livery installer programm with an icon on my desktop. The program is placed into a seperate LiveryInstaller folder in my documents folder. When I use this new Livery Installer all my liveries are preserved. But when I try to install a new one - these are .zip-files in your liveries download section - I always got the message "no product and aircraft model could be found for use with this livery". This happens with all these files even with the newest ones. Why is it not possible to install new liveries because the livery installer has a bug or all the livery-zip files are outdated and could not installed anymore. But this website told me - Here you can find liveries made for the Airbus A320/A321. If the uploader did his work well you will just have to drop the zip you download on the livery manager and all will be done automatically! I noticed that many users has severe problems with this livery installer. With greetings and expecting help. gwdoc
  2. I would also prefer a remove option for the EFB. In the smaller buses A318-A321 I cannot find an option in the cockpit view menu for the EFB. The A330 has this option for viewing the EFB directly instead of turning around in the cockpit with the hatswitch. In summary I think the EFB is not really necessary.
  3. Dear Hans ! The hint that the checklist.xml file is blocked against overwriting was useful. I checked the properties of the file with the file explorer and I noticed that the file was marked for "read only". After unchecking this the update with the Aerosoft Updater worked well. Maybe this is useful for others with the same problem. Many thanks for the advice. gwdoc
  4. Hello Hans ! This is the screenshot with the error message from the Aerosoft Updater when trying to update A330. Kind regards gwdoc
  5. I got the same problem with the Aerosoft Updater v1.4.0.0. The update from A330 v1.006 to v1.007 was stopped with an error message.
  6. Hi Mathijs ! Thank you for your answer and maybe the issue could be solved one day. With greetings gwdoc
  7. Hi everyone ! How is it possible to get a view on the tiller on captain`s side ? The view to the tiller is covered through the EFB-Panel and clicking the tiller on and off for using it is not possible. Is there a possibility to move the EFB-Panel away ? I couldn`t find any solution into the documentation. Cheers gwdoc
  8. Hallo ! Wie kann ich im Cockpit eine Sicht auf den Tiller kriegen ? Das EFB-Panel verhindert die Sicht und laesst sich nicht wegclicken um den Tiller auf der Kapitaensseite zu benutzen.
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