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  1. Unfortunately i'm back at point zero the autogen on LGSA dissapeared again, i'm out of options now.
  2. I think i have it working now, im testing a while until now How did i do it: i followed your tutorial and with some thinking finally its good now I made a folder inside LGSA, i called it: Chania autogen, inside that folder i made an empty folder named scenery. and a folder autogen with the autogen data like the xml, and the AutogenDescriptions.spb from LGSA default files, Then i added the Chania autogen folder above the AE LGSA folder in the scenery library of p3d the first time i tested it it didnt work, after that i was thinking what i could do further, Then i decided to reinstall the justsim LFMN, and the justsim libraries wich contains the autogen configuration merger, First i had that scenery installed in an custom folder, now i installed it in the folder recommended by the installer wich is the Prepar3D v4 Add-ons folder, and i started p3d v4 up and saw the autogen configuration merger working it told me to restart p3d to configure autogen and Now i have on LGSA and EHAM all trees! Like a miracle happened i tested it now a long time and all trees seems to stay in place. I added some screenshots about the new situation I will thank you all for the super excellent support, finally i have here the solution. best regards Thomas
  3. Hi Masterhawk, I going to try this option i report back when ready best regards Thomas I did this test and unfortunately it had no results
  4. Hi manwlo, Thanks for the support, i did the steps you advised me to do. I did as a test the steps you advised me to do, I reinstalled my LGSA scenery, and putted the default.xml from the LGSA scenery to my desktop, and indeed all the trees on EHAM where normal, and all autogen on LGSA is dissapeared like you told me, and when i putted the default.xml back into the LGSA autogen folder the autogen on EHAM dissapeared again, and on LGSA the autogen was back. I looking forward to the update, and thanks for the great support, and great work. kind regards Thomas Hi Masterhawk, I tried to use the autogen configuration merger too, but unfortunately it had no results for me, the problem still existed kind regards Thomas
  5. Hi Mathijs, Thanks for the reply and help, i will await the results of the investigation. best regards Thomas
  6. I have a strange problem with autogen trees on Flytampa EHAM, after installing LGSA Chania. Yesterday i bought the Aerosoft LGSA scenery on simmarket, and i must say it's a beautfill scenery After installing the LGSA scenery, i noticed that many trees on flytampa EHAM suddenly dissappeared, I also noticed a folder inside the LGSA folder called autogen with the autogen xml and AutogenDescriptions.spb files in it, the same as in the main P3D v4 folder exist too. for me it is a strange issue and i don't know how to fix this so i tested it, by uninstalled the LGSA Chania scenery, and all autogen trees where back on Flytampa EHAM, I did this test multiple times to be sure. I have Prepar 3d v4.5 + HF 2 i have also installed, REX 5 SKYFORCE 3D Flytampa EHAM, ORBX global, ORBX LC europe, ORBX trees, ORBX HD buildings ORBX LOWI, LIEO, LYBE, justsim Nice airport, and Aerosoft Malaga too. I use windows 10 home newest build my system is: asus i3-6100 3,75ghz nvidia gtx 1650 with 4gb RAM is 8 gb Direct X 12 disk space over 600gb free where my p3d and addons are installed on I add some screenshots to explain the issue hopefully someone can help me figure out, what the issue can be. regards Thomas
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