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British airways single engine start up and taxi


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Iv watched a few British Airways A320 family engine start ups on YouTube and noticed that some pilots start up and taxi with one engine followed by a continuous barking sound throughout the taxi until the second engine has started.

I've noticed that with the current start checklists in the aerosoft airbuses you have to start both engines in order to continue with checklists.

I was wondering if it is possible to make the checklist flexible for a single engine start up followed by the after start checklist as normal for long taxi trips towards the runway.

Also iv recently travelled to Bulgaria on Sunday 7th of April on BA890 and iv witnessed this for myself and I do have a video recorded of this type of operation.

Just to let you know we pushed back from terminal 5, the second engine started passing terminal 3 parallel to 27L in Heathrow for runway 27L.

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we discussed your request in our team (including a RW-pilot) and please find our statement below:

  • There is no real single engine taxi out SOP. Airbus just states that it is possible as long as you make sure the hydraulics are powered up but they give no clue to what kind of SOP you should follow. Starting the second engine is at itself not diffecult but the when and how is. The engine needs a warm up time of 2-5 min and this is not easy to figure out as a pilot. You can only start the engine with the parking brake set and this is only possible at the holding position. Now you have to start the engine, with no marshaller watching the engine, and wait for the warm up. This usually only makes for extra delay that you would not have had with both engine taxiing. As the starting of the engine also interrupts other cockpit flows and briefings it is just better to not do it.
  • We made the ground FDE in a way that single engine taxiing is sort of possible but because single engine ops are not really modeled you get rudder control problems with higher power settings on ground. When taxiing in with a taxispeed of no less than 10 its this is ok but starting to taxi from standing still is suboptimal with the current FDE.
  • As far as we know BA and AF are sometimes using the single engine taxi out but they have their own SOPs for it and it is not a common practise with almost all the other airlines.

To summarize the a. m. statement: We will not model it.



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