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Posting copyrighted images


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we have said several times that it is a legal issue if you post pictures of which you do not own the rights in our forums.

As it seems simply posting this is not enough we see ourselves forced to take steps against those folks posting such photos to avoid getting into legal problems ourselves.

We do not like to do this, but see no other way out.

Therefore our moderators and me agreed that from now on we will deleate any copyrighted material from forumposts and will add the line COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL DELETED. SUCH POSTS, IF REPEATED, WILL LEAD TO A BAN FROM THE FORUM.

to these posts.

Should we see the same user (yes, we also track your IP address, so having two accounts at the same time will not safe you) still posting such material again it will lead to a ban.

Again, I'm sorry we have to take this step, but when words don't help steps have to be taken.

Once again, this is how you can link to images in your repaintrequests:
Do not post the picture in your post, link to it.

If the actual picture shows up in your post it is a copyrightviolation, which we usually refer to as piracy if somebody does that with our addons. You all know what happens with pirates, so beware!

You can link to a picture like this: http://www.airliners.net/photo/Spirit-Airlines/Airbus-A320-232/2626589/L/&sid=b9aaba0fa0addbc6f059ebde993d247f

If you link to a picture like I did above it is not an issue.

I know it doesn't look as nice or may not attract as much attention by other people if there are no pictures in your post, but better no pictures in your post than a lawyer at your (and our) door!

What if I am the copyrightholder of a picture posted in this forum?

If you are the owner of a picture you see posted in our forums please send me, or another moderator, a PM and we will deleate the picture immediatly.

If you own a picture and want to use it in our forum feel free to do so, but please make a small note at the ending of your post that you are the legal owner of the picture.

I am really sorry we have to ask you to do this, but unfortunatly it's the only way we can make sure no pirated content is posted here.

In the end we're not just protecting us with this, but we're protecting you, too!

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