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FPS lags on CBS munich

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Well the only thing beside buy a new computer is to turn you graphic settings down untill it does not "lag" anymore on your computer.



I thinks this is a little bit too easy, I have the lag as well and can say I don't have a bad computer(intel Q6600+nvidia 8800 GT). The problem is that is keeps loading stuff from the harddisk(I have enough RAM available so that isn't the problem). I don't know if this applies to amnon as well but I think this game on my computer should be able to run smoothly with at least medium settings and AI stuff.

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Q6600 is a core 2 quad 2.4 ghz indeed. Given that CBS munich came out last year(something like that) I expect it to handle multiple cores well. At least it should handle it rather well. And it is not even really the processor which slows the game down, it is more the massive ammount of i/o operations needed by the game that slows it down(at least for me it is).

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