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Autopilot Disconnect

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I am having an issue disconnecting the autopilot once it has been engaged with the selector on the MCP. Reading the manuals the disconnect used to be on the control wheel but has now moved to the MCP. Once the a/p has been engaged and the green light is illuminated on the selector switch pressing the switch again doesn't disconnect. The only way I can disconnect the autopilot is to operate the pitch trim, but then you cannot silence the warning horn and flashing annunciator.

Any ideas?


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Hello Ian,

sorry for the delay, but i think, we have cleared it in our support ticket system...

And i have test it here, but i cannot retrace the issue...
The Autopilot disconnect button is on the AP Panel (DISC). And it works (twice klicking).

Here is a little picture:



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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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