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Ski/Wheel: unable to lower skis?


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First and foremost congratulations on another fine aircraft - I have been buying Aerosoft products since they ams out with the F-16 Fighting Falcon in 2008 - still the best F-16 on the market.

Second let me say that I'm not upset, put off, etc by the whole skis fixed, wheels not rotating, etc. Mr Kok & company made a design/business decision forced by the limits of FSX - no big deal in my book. This is a GREAT airplane.

That said, like most of us, I fly from inside the cockpit. Maybe if I twisted my neck and opened the door during taxi and takeoff I would notice the main mounts not rolling on asphalt, albeit probably not correct take off procedure ;)

However, there is a big Skis up / down gauge with a nicely modeled lever right there in front of me. Even though the skis don't move, I would suggest that at least that be made to "work" i.e. the lever move and the lights change.

I realize that to have a techncally non-functional lever/gauge is an anathema to some. However, there is a Fan switch that, as part of the preflight check list, I move into the off position. Perhaps it changes the power drain a tiny bit but I have not noticed any and more importantly I have never felt any airflow change - simulated or real. ;)

Anyway - just a suggestion - like I said above - a great plane!

Now I got to go get my Ski Twotter off a frozen lake in Alaska - didn't follow correct procedure and blew an engine after landing - smoke, alarms, pulling the fire handle, emergency shut down - great adrenaline rush! - I figure it's "fixed" now. :)


Hangar 200

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