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Alternate destination airport MCDU setup

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In the update note of v 1.15 is specified that there is a new tutorial for the alternate airport destination setup:

also included is a tutorial part how to set up the MCDU in case of a diversion to an alternate destination airport.

I search from various manuals but didn't found any tutorials.

Someone can point me where to find it?

Thanks in advance


PS: Sorry i notice now that this section is for right MCDU question, please some moderators move my message in the right section.

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Hi Alex,

sorry based on your question I found out that the manual has not been updated with release 1.15. Please find attached the current version which includes in chapter 7 the required ALTN CO RTE part. Some functions may be not yet availble in 1.15 (because this is my "working" copy) but will follow soon.....



Vol6-StepbyStep EN 1-08.pdf

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