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Clouds are visible, but can't find thermals


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When I try to soar with Cumulus X I can see those cumulus x clouds but when I fly under those clouds I can't find any thermals. Or let's say I can't find any thermals right now ;)

The Debug Window says: CumulusXDll = False

Looks like the dll file isn't working. The dll.xml already got the following lines:


Thanks for any help :)

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Hi Apollo13

The DLL only works in licensed mode. However, even without you should experience lift. It is, however, sometimes difficult to estimate the position of lift, when there is wind, deflecting the upward stream.
To create most simple conditions I suggest activating the "Clear Skies" weather theme, check the "unblue" option in CumulusX! and slew beneath a thermal cloud.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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