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what is accepteble wind differene?

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i am using ASE as Wx engine inflight and PFPX server for OFP

during last FLT`S i got the same wind direction +- 4 degrees, but Speed was +- 15 to 20

is acceptable diffrence in real life or its to big?

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I understand that there would be some diferences between Active Sky and PFPX regarding the winds aloft.

I enclose 2 charts one from PFPX and the other RW.

Please note that the two are very similar.

Personnally I use FS Global Real Weather for the FS flights and it is very similar to RW and PFPX (see fsgrw file).

Anyway, everybody uses the same datas.

Again it appears that there are problems berween AS and PFPX.

In the RW (same in FS) as the winds given to you before departure are FORECASTS and in flight REAL winds would be different and, as I explained in another post if we have a route reserve of 5% it is to take these (plus few other things) into account.



EIN3132 EIDW-EGPD (05 Sep 1200 UTC).pdf



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