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NavData Update since 1307 Flight1 Mustang - Garmin G1000 Error


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Since update Airac 1307 I load the F1 Mustang an error problem during the update process of the Garmin1000 data. (Garmin 1000 error - an exception has occured. Type: Access violation. Location: 0x3F1E0F68).

Navigraph update failed due to incorrect installation routine.

I have the NavDataPro V1. 0.0.7. The update is automatically suggested me.

Is this version really the latest? Can man manual updates initiate? This Navigraph problem in a new version has been corrected?

With kind regards,


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  • Administrator

No Otto,

this is an error given out by the Citation Mustang. Back in the time when it was developed there was no NavDataPro and so the error only knows Navigraph when it comes to updates even if you use NavDataPro.

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  • Deputy Sheriffs

Ah, OK. So the Mustang seems to look after something that is named "Navigraph"?
Really strange, as this database used by the Mustang is quite generic and also used by other addons from Flight1 like the recent B200.
I didn't fly the Mustang for quite a while, so I never came across this error.


Just found out, that you need ver. 1.08 of the Mustang to use Navdata pro.

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