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Discovering my plane (more issues)


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Rebooted my pc, started everything up again, clicked for half an hour (goes quicker now because I know where to click). And at about the same point does my fs crash. from 20 to 0.2 fps within 1 minute, over VOR MAS.

This needs more investigation, as I am slowly suspecting NL2000 which I installed at the same time.

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Mathijs, you could be so very right. I saw vfr images switching on and off with in seconds, turning to strange colours.
So I de-installed NL2000 province Limburg and reinstalled it.
I did do a quick fly around in a default plane, and no issues.
I stopped FSX, restarted it and went straight to the twotter, engines where running and kept it so, started a route from ehbk to ehrd. Landed at Rotterdam without any issues.

Going to do a complete test this evening, with cold and dark and see if I can get to Rotterdam or Groningen.

I really appreciate all your helping.

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Thank you for your patience, and trying to learn me something.
I have done my first flight completely with everything clicking according to the checklist, and checking afterwards.
I must admit, this is fun too, and worth the 30 minutes clicking. (except if I am in a hurry.)

@Mathijs, your conclusion was correct. After my short test yesterday and now doing practically the same thing, nothing happened over VOR MAS. And I could complete my flight from EHBK to EHGG.
The first install of NL2000 was corrupt. I had my idea too.

I still have a couple of question, but that is more lack of knowledge, and I try to pickup as fast as I can. You will see my questions somewhere on the forum.

I have one small issue. And that is the first page of the checklist. At the bottom is something called fire bell mute. I have found that switch on the left part of the plane, but it seems not to work. Not even if I click the checklist with my right mousebutton. Is this a but, or am I doing something wrong?


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Reading, then printing Vol 3 of the manual would seem to have already solved that problem

Oops! this time I'm guilty! as I've flown the old Twin Otter so much I havn't paid so much attention to the new manual. I still think it's positive to point out that there are other options to the intertactive checklist, and thesedays tablets are used more & more in real aviation so it's also realistic.

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The checklist maybe long and a little complicated at first, but most checklists are, once you get used to the systems and where everything is placed you"ll develop a flow and it will go by pretty quickly. I maintained real twin otters for a decade and we had few shortcuts for doing things, but we still used a checklist for run ups and taxiing better safe then sorry. In the real aircraft you could zip thru the pre start checklist in a couple of minutes of course it's a lot easier when you're flipping real switches. Honestly, checklists are there in real life for a reason so pilots and maintenance people don't forget things and have things go wrong when they least expect.

You mean like engines quitting after you're %80 in the flight?...

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