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B777 Worldliner Version 1.5 available


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the new version of the Worldliner B777 (v 1.5) is available.

Customers can download the new version from their account.

It is a full version, so it is good to deinstall the old version before.....

Please do that from the windows controlpanel or directly with the file "Change 777Worldliner Professional X-Plane Installation.exe" in the aircraft folder ( _777 Worldliner..... )


PS: Changelog v 1.5.0

-new SASL version to fix crashes in X-Plane 10.22 on 64bit Windows (XP10 model only)
-new HDR exterior lighting, including wing inspection lights (XP10 model only)
-new HDR interior lighting, new cockpit flood lighting (XP10 model only)
-new 3d sound engine with tons of new engine sound files (XP10 model only)
-fixed a bug that caused a crash when entering a malformed LAT/LON waypoint
-fixed a bug on the FMC FIX page that could lead to an FMC hangup
-fixed a bug in the VNAV descent slowing the airplane down too early before a restriction
-airports with no instrument procedures no longer cause FMC hangup
-fixed a bug in the navdisplay that caused radius-to-fix transition being drawn incorrectly
-improved stall speeds at higher altitudes. You will see a more accurate depiction of the coffins corner on the PFD
-fixed animation of ailerons and outer aileron lock-out (XP10 model only)
-new pushback logic that is less confusing for third-party add ons (XP10 model only)
-fixed auto brake disarming in taxi when braking on the left side (XP10 model only)
-fixed auto brake not releasing X-Plane brake when disarming after landing (XP10 model only)
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