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Real world examples of waves


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Hi there

Please, what I am going to describe here is not a shameless request for wave lift in CumulusX. I have done coding for the internet community in other projects and I know how much work is involved in writing code!!

But here is a fantastic example of a real world wave lift glider flight in my part of the world, Queensland Australia. The flight was conducted from Boonah airport at the Boonah Glider club. The pilot wrote a bit of a blog on the flight and the details are recorded in intimate detail.

If nothing else, enjoy the read!

Here is the blog (look under members "wave season May 19 2013"):


Here is the exact flight:


Here is the exact location (Boonah YBOA Queensland Australia):


And here is the upper level winds as reported by AS2012 for +/- 0.5 hour from beginning of the flight from the nearest station (YAMB):


Enjoy and thanks again for CumulusX

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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