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RXP GPS texture unsharp/texture error


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  • Deputy Sheriffs

Hi, I have a problem with the RXP GPS in the Katy:

first of all: I have already done a search and found a possible solution, but it did not work.

So now let me come to the problems:

First I have a problem with the resolution of the display of the GNS530. The display itself is very blurry and it's difficould to read from it. Attached is a screenshot of the problem:


I have already tried the suggestion in this thread and properly copied the files to the texture (not any of the texture.xxx folders), but they did not work.

The Cockpit resolution is set to very high and the lightreflections and extended animations (However they're called in the english FSX. In German "erweiterte Animationen") are set to on according to the manual.

The other issue -you can see it on the screenshot above- is that there seems to be a texture error with a white texture on the right side of the screen and also there seems to be a white background texture lying behind the GPS which you can sometimes see flickering through at the corners of the GPS. Is there any fix available for this?

Here are my system specs:

Intel I5-2500k @3.3GHz (not overclocked)

nVidia GTX460


Windows7 (x86) (--> FSX not installed inside the Program Files (x86) folder!)

As I saw during my search that once also the antialising settings were asked for I will also state mine here:

I use FSX Antialiasing on and Anisotropic filtering.

I hope you can help me as soon as possible as this is what currently keeps me away from the Katy sadly.

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Probably not what you're looking for, but...

I've been considering the RXP GNS530 for some time, and I've had trouble finding any screenshots that show what it looks like when integrated with the Katana (no details in the manual, unfortunately). There are hardly any shots around, but I've found a thread on a German forum that contains one showing exactly the same issue. My German is too rusty to read through the thread, but maybe someone found a solution there: http://www.flightx.de/index.php?page=Thread&postID=359663.

As for seeking advice from RXP, I've recently read in their unofficial forum on Simforums that they have not been responding to support requests for some time. However, the forum itself is still active, and I think it's best to ask there.

BTW, since there's no info in the manual, does the GNS530 simply replace Katana's KX125 as COM1/NAV1, or is it possible to use both?

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  • Deputy Sheriffs

I thought it was rather a problem related to the Katy than to the RXP GPS because with other aircraft this doesn't happen.

Anyway I'll check out the RXP forums and see what they have to say in this regard, thanks.

@TymK: Rightclicking on the STBY/ACT frequency knob (no idea how it's called actually :D) will activate your RXP GPS as COMM2, so I think you can just use both.

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