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My first succesfull thermal soar


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Hi guys,

I bought FSX just a week ago. Played around with it a bit (mostly getting it to run smoothly). Downloaded cumulusX! as soon as I got word of it. Since then I only sat in a Cessna for checking out graphics settings. Soaring is the way to go for me!

I fooled around with Fly! back in around 2000 or so. Really enjoyed flighing that simulator. Too bad I could not fly sailplanes in that sim. So I was really happy to find out, after picking up my first flight sim since 10 years or so, that FSX featured thermals and ridgelift. It was a downer that they were static and only appeared in a few scenarios (ridgelift). Oh joy for CumX! Should be in tomorrow morning. Hope it will even add to the experience!

Anyways, my first post here, hope to enjoy flightsims to the fullest again for the time to come.

A small question to end with: the cumulusX! clouds: do they disappear suddenly when a thermal runs out, or do they decline in size first? Following up on that: is there only one size cloud that depicts thermals or are there different sizes dependent on thermal size?



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Hi Rene,

there are several sizes of clouds which scale with the size of the thermal, and to some extent with its strength. Thermal clouds have a life cycle, i.e. the appear when the lift has reached the cloud level and grow in several steps. After the thermal has expired at the cloud level (i.e. it will be dead sooner at ground level) cloud shrinks again and eventually get a whispy look, before they disappear.

You may also visit this forum: http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/forum/230-cumulusx/ which concentrates on questions about CumulusX! and virtual soaring.

best regards,


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