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Very bad cockpit resolution


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Hello all

I think I have a problem I have buy today the DR 400 aerosoft online

After download I install this aircraft with my licence no problem

But when I launch this aircraft on FSX I have very very bad cockpit.

On the airbus extend I dont have this problem

I have download the update but the problem continu

I dont understand


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Not good, Please explain how you have anything other than the same results with all other aircraft? Global Texture settings affect everything. That's why they're global

I do not get this. At all.

If you did something numpty-like then have the cojones to admit it, and we will all sleep easier in our beds.

If you didn't, then please explain how you were getting variable results from a fixed setting in FSX.

THAT would be an interesting finding...

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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