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CumulusX 1.9 not connecting...


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I've donwloaded recently the CumulusX 1.9 free verion to improve my flights with gliders in FSX, but i just can't connect.

The CumulusX window opens automatically with the FSX, i put on free flight, choose fair wheater, choose the place and glider, but when i click the "CONNECT" button, nothing happens.

The manual says that the "rigde lift" and "Auto Thermals" boxes should turn green...but nothing happens...what's going on? How can i solve this?

I haveFSX SP1 (i think the version is not the problem)

Thank You

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Obviously the version is the problem. CumulusX! requires SP2 or Acceleration as indicated in the manual under "Requirements".

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Unfortunatly my graphic card doesn't support SP2 ou ACC.... i think i won't have a good experience with gliders in fsx

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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