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F9 key wrong destination

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I purchased and downloaded on 30 December so believe I have version 1.02.

After installation I find the F9 key takes me to the Cockpit Main Panel and not Glareshield Main Panel. I can get to the Glareshield Main Panel by hitting the A key about 15 times, but this is likely to result in premature contact with the earth if I try it during a flight when I need to access the autopilot controls quickly!

I saw some other threads about F9 but if I understood correctly folks there seemed more concerned about the effect on other aircraft. I am only concerned that the Airbus F9 key as installed does not seem to work the way the manual suggests it should.

Suggestions welcome :)

My system is running FSX SP2, not tweaked, on Windows 7.



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Hi bryn

if you go to the right MCDU and open views option choose 2d panel and F9 will work as advertised


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