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A Guide to Getting Online With Andras Field

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A step by step guide to getting online at Andras Field.

1. Download the TeamSpeak3 (TS3) client from from http://www.teamspeak.com

2. Install TS3 accepting all the default settings

3. Run TS3 for the first time and click next (if you have already run TS3 you can get to this screen by clicking Settings, Setup Wizard)


4. Choose a name and enter it into the text box, click next.


5. Select your push to talk button, PPT (we like push to talk as deep breathing on the radio is quite frankly scary and prevents others communicating with town/other traffic). You can choose a joystick button as I have here and click next.


6. Push and hold your chosen PPT and test your mic/headset. Once you are satisfied everything is working click next.


7. Select your mic and speaker mute buttons and click next.


8. Select your desired sound pack and click next.


9. Click next on the plugin window. I've never used this before.


10. Put a tick in the open bookmarks box and untick the other tow, click next.


11. Click add bookmark


12. Enter a label for the server, the IP address and password (softareo) and then click OK.


13. Click the bookmarks drop down menu and select the relevant server. TS3 will then connect to the server.


To move to the various rooms like EAFS Tower, simply double click on it to enter. Part 2 to follow Connecting to the GameSpy server.

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Joining the GameSpy Session

1. Load FSX and click on Multiplayer.

2. If you don't already have a GameSpy account click create new account and fill in the required information. Otherwise enter your GameSpy user ID and password then click sign in.


3. By default FSX puts you into the Free Flight lobby. Click on the drop down box and select Fly-Ins.


4. Click on Aerosoft Andras Field and click Join. The the password (softaero)


5. Select your chosen aircarft and ATC name if necessary.


6. This i the important part, click the At An Airport Of My Choice radio button, Andras Field will be displayed. Click on change and choose your start position as one of the Parking spots. Spawning on the runway is poor virtual airmanship. Click OK.


7. Click on again taking to you to the Briefing Room, where you can over view you previously made selections. Click on Join Session to get started.


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