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Not sure is some issue?


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I was happened this strange situation,i got GPS & Nav mechanical & attitude was failures during descent and i was tried reset by circuit breakers but it's not work,and then i used inspection from workshop after landing,now strange is inspection not found any failures.


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I bought Katana 06/02/2011 from SimMarket (download) and it works very well. A few month ago I installed a second HD onto my PC (2 T) and installed FSX onto it but not the Katana. A few days ago I get a message from SimMarket that 1,4 update is available so I downloaded and installed it. At first I read a manuals because I know this is very well modelled addon and need's much attention.

First I start FSX - saved flight with default Cessna - Fly Now - Menu - Aircraft - Katana - all settings as needed - prosedures like manual said. No problem and every things seems to work as they should be. I use RXP GPS so I put a route onto it and after that I start taxi. About 15 minutes and I lost power from the GPS and Flaps. I found here a trick today - Ctrl+E - and it works but isn't very realistic if we speak about Katana and it's system.

I made a short flight - about 40 minutes - and came back, shout down the engine and after couple minutes Blue Screen. This not happend to me very long time and I'm little bit worry now.

An other thing - my base airport is KORS (Orbx) and I found that a few AI plane (UT Traffic 2) "hoover" without wheels and this not happen any other plane I used.

Katana is installed as admin but AV on (Panda) - ever problem with that. UAC is off.

FSX Gold Edition and Acceleration pack installed.

Windows 7 Home premium 64 bit

i7 2600 3,4 HHz


nVidia GTX 560 OC 1 G

I use Bojote's tweaks because it gets best result to me and yes - uiautomationcore.dll is installed. I read this forum and made all trics I found here but no solution. FSX.cfg I don't want to touch because it's works very well with all others addon now.

Some real solution with a fix would be very wellcome.



PS. Sorry about my poor english and I hope You understand about what I mean.

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Check your Cessna in the saved flight: Either the battery is off or the generator. To create a consistent start for the Katana 4X do the following:

1: Create a new flight from a default airport with the default Cessna. Do NOT allow FSX to launch direct to this flight, but instead choose submit from the menu options to actually launch the sim once you've made the selections

2: When the sim is launched and stabilised with the Cessna on the runway, switch to the Katana.

3: Move the Katana to your departure airport of choice, then make your selections from the Katana menu as to how you want it to start (cold'n'dark, long time parked, engine running, ready to fly etc etc)

4: Save this as the default flight for this aircraft.

AI aircraft that have missing parts are usually not DX10 compatible. Either turn off DX 10 or choose replacement AI that are compatible.


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Hello again!

I tested what Snave suggested and the results are:

First attempt -> taxi - check everythigs - lineup - takeoff - rotate - Blue Screen

Second attempt after reboot - works very well but after 57 minutes I lost GPS /Flaps motor power. Solution Ctrl+E.

Well - a little progress from about 20 minutes almost 1 hour - hmmmm...

BTW - no problem with AI planes on the KORS but this elctricity problem is odd and hopefully there will be find a solution. I tested to fly with Wilga and no problem and I tested with T182T Skylane and no problem...


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