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Dreaming of a Tool to migrate FSX.....

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Dear Aerosoft Development Team.....

Since lifespan of computers seem to get shorter and shorter, - Hardware upgrades happen in ever shorter time, - and the fear of every Flight-Sim enthusiast - when will the day of the inevitable re-install come....... it would be nice to have a FSX Migrating tool.... that

does a Backup of.....


All Addons

All FSX Settings

All FSX related Registry entry's as well as

All Addon related Registry entry's.....

(list not comprehensive)

A sort of One Stop Shop to move our beloved FSX from an Aging machine to a brand new one or just to backup that perfect installation, before the next FSX crash happens......

Well, to be honest, I have no Idea of Programming and if indeed such a program could work?...

However, I'm just sitting at the 2nd reinstall within 2 weeks, it it does get boring if you're close to the perfect install, and all of a sudden you get that g2d.dll, terrain.dll, g3d.dll or any other fu..ing FSX flaw....error.....and dreaming of a software that would make a reinstall just as easy as setting up the next flight......


Richard Oberwinkler

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I don't see why you would ever wish to migrate the exact, same FSX to a new computer?

Surely, you'd use the opportunity to clear out the dead wood?

In any case it coudn't be done. Even if were technically possible, the degree of intrusion into the Registry would guarantee the antivirus , security settings and administrative privileges would lock your computer down before you could even run the tool...

The answer is to know what you've installed, how you install it - and note which of those you would wish to reinstall after an upgrade. And install them.

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Having just installed a new PC and having spend a full day installing FSX plus a limited set of add-ons on that machine, I can see your point. Will keep it in mind.

Snave, while I agree that some users can mess up their FSX dir rather badly it is normally not hard to sort it out. All the better add-on builders have good uninstallers. It's freeware and texture replacement products that sometimes can be harder to get rid of. But while I use FSX for many hours every day and have installed nearly all you find on our pages, I never felt the need to refresh my FSX installation.

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