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  1. Nix - und des wia a profi

  2. Danke, danke an alle.... is jo ka bsundare leistung.... amfoch o'woat'n dos passiert an jed'n - mit genua glick untn herrn sein seg'n ;_))

  3. Danke danke an alle de ma zun Burtzeltog gratuliern, oba I wer des heit goonz ruhig ongehn.... is jo ka runda! Liaba a wengerl entsponnan und den Herrgott an schenan monn sein losn.....

  4. I'm givin up.... I found a tool by ScuffyDuck called Duplicate Object Finder, and wow.... it found hundreds of duplicate files (GUID's).... not only the ones I was looking for, so I guess that could actually not be the problem....because these scenery's work fine. When I deleted the MDL files and Entry's out of the ES-Coastal.bgl and replaced the tuned KG_Habors_villages_SVIcel_SC.BGL with the original one i still got the crash.... I then found that the respective MDL files also in another model library.... in another scenery i own (VFR Extreeme - Saint Kitts, - FSPX_Vehicles.bgl) so I also removed this bgl out of the way.... still FSX would crash. So to be quite honest..... I still have no idea what causes these crashes...... as far as I'm concerned, my tweeked " KG_Habors_villages_SVIcel_SC.BGL" is sofar the only solution I could find..... but that at least still workes If I don't get any other ideas.... well, I guess I'll have to wait until the professional scenery designers at ES find a solution.... regards (would)liketofly
  5. Thanks for the assistance, Yes, I did decompile the ES-library to find the duplicate GUID's and found the MDL's that caused the issue. However, I can't find those specific GUID's in the default library's...... The GUID's Im looking for are the following.... (text copied from ES-Coastal.bgl) ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// C74A3B73-6896-49DF-A57C-1832B9005114 <ModelData sourceFile="C:\Users\xxxx\Desktop\BGL analyze\ES-Coastal_26.mdl" fileOffset="0"/> <!-- GUID {C74A3B73-6896-49DF-A57C-1832B9005114} --> <!-- Veh_Greek_Fishingboat_02 --> <ModelData /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 75FA5544-B7BC-479C-875B-249B32B56F74 <ModelData sourceFile="C:\Users\xxxx\Desktop\BGL analyze\ES-Coastal_11.mdl" fileOffset="0"/> <!-- GUID {75FA5544-B7BC-479C-875B-249B32B56F74} --> <!-- Veh_Greek_Fishingboat_05 --> <ModelData ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 5B1BD345-0EC1-45A4-AF37-9B9443F1EA65 <ModelData sourceFile="C:\Users\xxxx\Desktop\BGL analyze\ES-Coastal_13.mdl" fileOffset="0"/> <!-- GUID {5B1BD345-0EC1-45A4-AF37-9B9443F1EA65} --> <!-- Veh_USCG_Cutter --> <ModelData //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// regards liketofly
  6. Dear Thorsten, dear Mathijs, As I wrote before, I know it is not an IcelandX issue and it is not Aerosofts fault. And I totally understand If you would not want to offer any further support in this regard Unfortunately, ES's support seems to be not the fastest in solving issues....... I know that the solution I presented to you is a quick and dirty one, however, at-least it solves this problem for the moment. Horst, could you be so kind and tell me (if it does not cause too much trouble) out of which default lib you are calling the deleted items? Because then I could compare them with the ES-lib and if duplicated just delete the mdl's out of the ES-lib....and recompile???? If I'm not completey wrong, both sceneries should then work correctly again...??? I'm not a scenery designer, so could you tell me if I'm on the write track, so maybe I could then offer this solution to ES, since they are rather slow it seems...... regards liketofly
  7. Thanks, I do realize that its not IcelandX's fault or so and I already have contacted the ES Support, and they told me that they are working on a solution. If you compare the file which I sent you, and the original file from the scenery you will, with no doubt, find what I needed to delete to make them working. As I told Mathijs I am willing to also send you the respective ES-File which contains the model data. Would it be somehow possible, that by chance, ES unfortunately gave a duplicate GUID to one of its Models? but then again, It was three different instances, that where called (2 instances each once and one Instance 10 times which was some, if I remember correctly, Greek Fishing boat)..... regards liketofly
  8. You would be welcome, Just tell me where to send it..... regards liketofly
  9. Hi everybody, I had the same problem like some of you, that after trying to install IcelandX and any Earth Simulation product, FSX would CTD. So I went for the hunt and found that two files are conflicting, namely: FSX/Earth Simulations/ES-3D/Scenery/ES-Coastal.bgl and FSX/aerosoft/Iceland X/Iceland X - priority2/Scenery/KG_Habors_villages_SVIcel_SC.BGL after closer inspection of these two files I found conflicting GUID info in there, which when eliminated all was fine. (12 instances of object calls where deleted) Of corse one is not allowed to disassemble the files and so on, but for my home use I have at-least this conflict solved. So if anyone needs this corrected file, I am willing to distribute it if Aerosoft permits, or send it to Aerosoft for inspection and distribution. regards liketofly
  10. Thanks that would be a nice, since both are really nice products, it would be perfect if they would work togeather in sync.... Just to keep my "clean records" with my VA regards
  11. Hi All, I have a little problem with my VA contacting me about my negative habit to not switch on the Strobes during flight, but I can absolutely assure You that my well trained FS2Crew Otto (Copilot) always turns them on. So I can only guess that FS FK does not correctly detect certain things in the most wonderful PMDG 737NGX. I know the SDK has not been out for too long, but my I ask If and when this wonderful AC might be supported by FS FK regards
  12. Dear Aerosoft Development Team..... Since lifespan of computers seem to get shorter and shorter, - Hardware upgrades happen in ever shorter time, - and the fear of every Flight-Sim enthusiast - when will the day of the inevitable re-install come....... it would be nice to have a FSX Migrating tool.... that does a Backup of..... FSX All Addons All FSX Settings All FSX related Registry entry's as well as All Addon related Registry entry's..... (list not comprehensive) A sort of One Stop Shop to move our beloved FSX from an Aging machine to a brand new one or just to backup that perfect installation, before the next FSX crash happens...... Well, to be honest, I have no Idea of Programming and if indeed such a program could work?... However, I'm just sitting at the 2nd reinstall within 2 weeks, it it does get boring if you're close to the perfect install, and all of a sudden you get that g2d.dll, terrain.dll, g3d.dll or any other fu..ing FSX flaw....error.....and dreaming of a software that would make a reinstall just as easy as setting up the next flight...... regards Richard Oberwinkler
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