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Some more comments, and question from a GRATEFUL CumulusX user :-)


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I had to post yet another report of my recent experience with both CumulusX and DiscusX on FSX2. I have to admit I was really unaware of how realist MSFS can become in as far as soaring / gliding is concerned. As a glider pilot for real, and aslo as a user of both Condorsoaring and Silent Wings (also of SFS as far back as 1994 :-)) I have to say that the only thing now lacking to complete the rather immersive and realistic environment created by CumulusX is proper mesh and landclass for my country - Portugal - as well as for Spain.

I now can say that thermal centring, as well as ridge/slope flying is even more close to real in the CumulusX+ FSX combination then in either Condor or SW - this was really a surprise for me. The same goes for the excellent flight characteristics of the DiscusX glider - a true masterpiece, I have to say!

All that said, I have a couple of questions:

1) I haven't reinstalled FSUIPC, nor any of the weather injector programs I had in the past, mainly because I believe these could negatively interfere with CumulusX. FSUIPC has wind smoothing parameters, and as far as I know Peter models turbulence on slopes using "windshear", with abrupt wind direction variations as well as wind intensity, and these might get filtered by FSUIPC? Am I wrong?

2) I haven't been able to really profit from the "Smart-Tow", I believe. I set left or right circuits, restart FSX, call for the tow plane using ctrl-shift-y, the tow starts but the airplane keep climbing straight away, never circling right or left (?)

3) Regarding my will to have a better (than the rather poor default one...) landclass for Portugal and Spain, as well as the Mesh, the reason is basically that I learned CumulusX does take this data into account for generating it's auto-thermals and slope updrafts/downdrafts. So, with a more sophisticated landclass/mesh we should expect even better/more realistic performance from CumulusX - am I wrong?

4) Finally, and although I still do not intend to invest on such a platform, I would like to find out if Peter has experimented with CumulusX and the Lockheed platform Prepar3D.

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1) It's totally safe and useful to install and use FSUIPC. Turbulence effects in CumulusX! are independent from the FSX weather engine. CumulusX! takes into account the actual wind situation around the aircraft and as such benefits from removal of unrealistic wind transients through FSUIPC,

2) Confused. You have to select the pattern first and then request the tow. The circuit selection is not memorized between sessioons. Which tow plane do you use? Please, try another one, and then reselect the initial. However, there are few planes which do not react to the Smart-Tow-Plane (like Wolfgang Pipers touring motor gilders, unfortunately).

3) Mesh ist most important. Aside from that water bodies, ice/snow, and forests are important.

4) No actions or plans so far. Reason to support a 500$ sim could be request from a professional customer (or an outage of FSX?). I have to stay focussed.

best regards,


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