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Mathijs Kok

Bronco FAQ

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Q: Where is the gunsight !

A: The German Broncos was used mainly as target tugs, so they did not have gunsights fitted. Some of the up comming models in the 2012 update will.


Q: Problems at low speed!

A: The bronco is predictable but does have some things you need to understand. See here.

Q: Yaw seems to be strange.

A: That's because of the spoilerons they affect yaw one way under a certain speed and the opposite way at a higher speed. read this.

Q: I can't reach the speed I want!

A: We are using an invisible spoiler to create the STAL behavior we wanted and that spoiler is extended in certain conditions on the ground. But if you got some spoiler control linked to a hardware control it could be that it interferes. Check that.


Q: The start-up sound has problems.

A: We know. And there is not a lot we can do because the sound system of FSX does not handle this type of turboprop well. We tried to solve the issue for a long time but now more or less have given up. In 2012 we most likely enhance out sound module to totally replace what FSX does and that will solve it.


Q: The engines are whacky and yes I did read the manual.

A: It could be you got hardware propeller controls. Make sure you keep those fully forward (or disabled) as the Bronco has an automatic prop control mechanism.

Q: During startup, engine RPM only reaches 5%. Moving the condition lever to NORMAL FLIGHT causes the engines to get hung or fail.

A: Remember to un-feather the propellers before starting the engines. This is done with the Airstart switches set to crank with the condition levers at FUEL SHUT OFF and the Power levers in full reverse range unitl the propeller blades are flat. Moving the condition levers to NORMAL FLIGHT before reaching 10% will either flood the engine or cause a hot start where excessive fuel starts to burn with inadequiet airflow burning Your engine. Running the Starter motor too long with a feathered propeller will make the starter motor fail.

Q: Turning on switches for Anti collision, formation lights and Wing/Tail lights doesnt seem to have any effect on the actual lights.

A: Check that the EXT. LTS. MASTER switch on the left sidepanel is set to EXT. LTS. This switch can be used to easily switch off all external lights when entering enemy airspace ;)

Q: Setting the Fuel gauge switch to EXT makes the Fuel gauge read zero, though it is full !

A: The 230 Gal fuel tank did not have a fuel level sensor fitted, only the smaller tanks (will be featured in the 2012 update) where fitted with those.

Q: Number 2 Transponder doesnt seem to react or changes the IFF/Transponder code when it is set to Off.

A: FSX only supports 1 transponder. The solution is to only have one transponder turned on i.e if using the IFF/Transponder - turn number 2 off and vice versa. The IFF/Transponder code will always show current squawk code set be the one or the other transponder.


Q: I get very very low fps.

A: Most likely because there is some system setting in FSX not correct. Either load another aircraft or use the standard startup we included

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