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Weeze X - Low frames at night in VC

Tristan Marchent

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Hi all,

Today I flew the Ryanair service from Edinburgh to Weeze! :) when arriving in Weeze, when on approach and landing the frames were quite low, lower than any other sceneries like this :/

But when looking outside the frames were ok :)

Just wondering if I can do anything? I haven't flown there in the day time yet. Will do soon!

I would appreciate the help!

Many thanks,

Tristan M

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Hello Tristan,

What aircraft were you flying and what weather conditions were there.

Always try a default aircraft with no weather and see what its like.

Hi Shaun,

Maybe being a bit too optimistic but I was flying the PMDG NGX.. So maybe that is the reason, online on IVAO although it was deserted at weeze, and REX! But as you said, I will try with a default aircraft such as the Cessna and will let you know :D



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