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Explanation of the different status letters in the AES Main Menu


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Being new to AES and what I've seen so far I love it, what a huge improvement over the default and boring airport environment in FSX!

One question, what does the different status letters mean in the AES Main menu when you're parked at the gate and can ask for different services like catering, cleaning etc? Looked in the documentation but there I could only find reference to 'O' and 'X' but I've also seen 'A' which I guess means 'Active' and 'D' for done? I've also seen 'M' which I'm not sure what it means...?

Great product really and the only problem I see with it is that you don't really want to go to an airport without AES after getting used to it...

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  • Deputy Sheriffs

Here we go:

- = service can not be requested

O = service can be requested

X = Service active

R = requested, has to wait until another service has been finished

M = Vehicle moving, service active

A = Vehicle in position, service active

D = done

Just edited it to make it more clear

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