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Question Concerning The Caiset Gauges

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I'm using the FS9 Caiset GPS and LNav gauges in most of the FSX gliders that I have installed. I have created a "GPSNav.dat" file for the area that I like to fly in. Everything works fine except that even though I have entered the airports field elevation in feet MSL, the Caiset GPS displays the elevation in meters. Is there any way to get the Caiset GPS to display an airports field elevation in feet instead of meters? The format that I am using to enter data into the GPSNav.dat file is this:

0001,43:33:52N,116:13:22W,2868F,A ,Boise ,Twr 118.100

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks...

Randy L.

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Not sure if this will help or not, but I think I read in the Users Manual of the FSX version of the CAISet, that one can change the way units are dispayed on the gauges, but I'm not 100% sure. Anyway, you can find them at Max's site - FSZwever.nl if you didn't already know. The sound isn't working yet for those gauges though, so I am still using the old one's too.


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