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compatible graphics cards

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Hi, I was wondering if my graphics card is compatible with city bus simulator 2010. When It tries to load I get the error mentioned in: http://forum.aerosof...showtopic=22382 and I was wondering if anyone knows a list of working cards.

Graphics card: Mobile Intel 965 Express Chipset Family

OS: Windows Vista Home Basic SP2

Direct X: Version 11

Quicktime: Version 10.22

Anyone Know?

Jmckeen :(

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Guest Paul Düster

Hi Jmckeen,

this LIST says (at the bottom): No, you will not be able to play this game.


Also, here is a list of mobile chipsets sortet by power: LIST

It says for your GPU:

"These graphics cards for notebooks are not suitable for games.

If they run, they may run with graphical errors and very low frame rates.

Office and internet tasks are, to the contrary, no problem for these GPUs."



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Also, Note-books & Lap-tops are not designed to play many high-end games. They tend not to have the better CPUs/Processors, and Graphic Cards to play these type of games.

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Can I play the game with the graphic card:

Mobile Intel® 4 Series Express Chipset Family


I hope you can help me

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Nothing by Intel yet, maybe 2014 they will have something that will be able to run it. The main reason laptop companies avoid GPU's is because of the extra power consumption. My discrete GPU takes about as much power as the CPU, and it has far less transistors. Ultimately the battery life is halved :)

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