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  1. I would have to say OMSI. It offers a lot of things to do. Especially route making. However, both fall short in the pedestrian area. They all look like robots, or something out of the ‘Dawn of the Dead’. For a company that does such great graphics as to scenery, and bus interiors.... I would expect better with the pedestrians.
  2. Computer Specs would help a lot. CPU Speed & Graphics Card.
  3. You can start off by not posting in bold. It give the appearance of you "YELLING" at us, and may lead to a non-response. Calm down, and I'm sure your question will be answered.
  4. Don’t waste your money on another Laptop. Their not designed for CPU & Graphics hungry games such as this. You’re better of with a Desktop to play these games.
  5. I have written this once before on this forum,. Maybe I'll make a thread for it, or Shaun could. This game, and many others are NOT designed for laptops. Very often these games demand a 'High-end' CPU and/or Graphics card, they just simply can't handle it. You might have a great CPU, but laptops commonly fall short in the graphics area, as you can see by many complainers here with Laptops. For the most part laptops are designed to play simple games, and run writing & other similar programs. When you buy a laptop, consider what you are using it for. Are you a gamer? Then this is not the bes
  6. Also, Note-books & Lap-tops are not designed to play many high-end games. They tend not to have the better CPUs/Processors, and Graphic Cards to play these type of games.
  7. All you had to do is type the word graphics in the search engine, and you would have found it. Most people just don't look, so we have several look-a-like topics. Therefore poeple just create threads willy-nilly thinking their problem is unique. It's just common sense. Giving you a link would not have served anything, because you already created the thread. An ATI Catalyst is not a graphics card. It's a program like NVidia. Also Laptop‘s (IBM Think Pad) tend not to be compatible with this game, because they typically don’t have adequate graphic cards, and/or system speeds to handle many hig
  8. A simpler way would be to click on the Start Menu, and on the bottom type DxDiag, then hit Return, and you will get all the info needed with simple tabs on top. Just about everyone has a DX9, 10, or 11. So, this would be in your computer.
  9. It would be nice when reporting these types of problems that you include your system specs, especially your graphics card. Also check the forum. There is a graphics problem thread on page 2. There is no need to create another one. Help us to help you.
  10. Ain't it the truth. If you don't know what your computer has, you should not purchase games, or programs for it.
  11. On another forum that I moderate I have been noticing an increase of complaints about a game not working properly, only to find out that the member purchasing the game didn't even meet the minimal requirements. Have people become so complacent that they just buy a game without reading the requirements? Every game has them. Read it, and make sure you meet it. I always recommend the higher requirements, because the minimal requirements tend to make the game run less then expected, or not to the desired game play results that you may have seen in a trailer.
  12. That takes a lot of nerve to admit you pirated a game, and then beg for the key-code. Get a job, and pay for it like the rest of us.
  13. What’s your graphics card? What’s the full name of your CPU? What’s your Ram? What Windows version are you using? You can find this with “System Information” in your start menu where you see a folder called “System Tools”. They are essential when reporting a problem. Your specs are not defined enough to make an educated evaluation, but I’m betting it’s a graphics card issue (just a guess).
  14. Are you talking about getting the camera to track your head movements for the game? If not, then you are in the wrong place for such a question.
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