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Known issues / FAQ

Mathijs Kok

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There are a few items that are known limitations, some are worked on, some are inevitable.

  • The current manuals, although very complete and very nicely formatted, have not been fully checked as they have been completed today. We do not expect serious issues, but it could be we replace them early next week with updated versions.
  • This product does NOT need online activation via the Launcher (no that's not a sign we are dropping it, lol), but the files are personalized on registration. Share them and we know who to come looking for.
  • If you own the previous Katana you are offered an update price instead of the full price. Do have your original registration code at hand when you buy.
  • There is a slight sound issue on some systems, being looked at.
  • A few issues (mostly related to the electrical system) can be solved by using the update available here.
  • There are several issues that are related to administrator rights. DO MAKES SURE YOU INSTALL WITH ADMIN RIGHTS and THAT YOU RUN FSX WITH ADMIN RIGHTS!

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  • [NEW FEATURE] Quick Setup (further information below)

  • [NEW FEATURE] Aircraft and cockpit cleaning through service.

  • [NEW FEATURE] Fuel quanitity will be saved in Realistic Mode.

  • [NEW FEATURE] ...search out yourself. :)

  • [FIXED] Battery recharges to fast during service.

  • [FIXED] Ident sound can be heard also NAV Ident knob is not pulled.

  • [FIXED] Some COM frequencies in realistic radio modes cannot be set.

  • [FIXED] Canopy can't be opened before using SHIFT+E when the aircraft has been loaded in parked condition.

  • [FIXED] Airspeed Indicator, Vertical Speed Indicator and Alitutde Indicator not working in Simple Mode.

  • [FIXED] On some systems Attitude Indicator, GPS and other systems may quit duty after a while.

  • [FIXED] When a Wheel Fairing has been broken, no new one may be installed in the Equipment Menu.

  • [FIXED] If the engine is stopped inflight, the generator still works and the RPM indication is wrong.

  • [FIXED] Background lighting of the M803 clock doesn't work.

  • [FIXED] COM/NAV and Transponder mode settings are not saved.

  • [FIXED] Cabin Heat and Carb Heat labels wrong on some english cockpits.

  • [PENDING] Crash to Desktop (CTD) if GNS430 is installed. (Waiting for feedback of the GNS developer)

  • [PENDING] Towbar issues on some systems. (will need some time to be fixed)

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[NEW FEATURE] Quick Setup

After the Katana has been selected you will be able to override the automatic status detection and set the systems according to different status of flight. Note: It will not change the aircrafts position or velocity!

New are two additional Parked status settings:

Parked Longterm

The aircraft has been on ground for quite a long time. The battery may have lost power, water could have been accumulated in the fuel tank etc. You should carefully check every system before flight!

Parked Random

The Katana has been used by one or several pilots since your last flight and you don't know in which condition the aircraft has been left. Systems and settings differ. Switches may have been forgotten in ON-position. The aircraft may have been cleaned or is even more dirty. Be sure to perform all pre-flight checks carefully.

Both settings will not change the condition of aircrafts and engine parts.


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